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We heard you. And created an app to help you

Make it easier to connect with others and find connections.

Be connected to a like-minded community.

Connect through shared interests, experiences.

What makes Cennec different.

We are a People-First, Community based app. Whatever that means to you to find valuable and meaningful connections across your life’s journey. Whether that means having a coffee with an interesting person, or going on an adventure with a new lifetime best friend. 50% of proceeds will go to annual charities of choice.

Now. Look in the Mirror. What do you see?

Ask Yourself: What do you want from this experience, these connections?

What connection can you share or experience with someone else?

Ask away, and then get after it!

Features that make this an engaging experience.


Find your people and make connections based on your interests, wants, needs.

Safe & Secure

Be yourself and rest assured we have your back in terms of safety.

Efficient & Adaptive

Connect when you want, how you want and where you need.

And, No Pressure

Connect non-romantically without expectations or the pressure of dating.

You have
questions, we
got answers.

Cennec is not for dating because, very simply, we do not need another dating app. People are desiring connection with more quality and alignment, personal or professional. We are inundated with dating apps that are not providing that level of connection today.

We love LOVE. If you meet someone on this application and end up having romantic feelings for each other, by all means, we encourage it! But that is not the purpose of this app and we ask you to not pursue romance on this platform. And abuse of those privileges (e.g. putting pressure on someone to date, consistently pursuing romantic relationships) could get your privileges revoked. Also, consent is consent, this means asking someone for permission verbally before pursuing a romantic connection.

Connection and relationships are a part of the human experience, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, we all require human to human connection. Cennec is here to help support you in that process. A connection can be someone you have known for five years or five minutes, but both are an integral part of life’s journey. Understanding another person does so much good for the soul; it is proven to increase fulfillment and happiness. We learned through focus groups that the pressure of romance can hinder that ability to feel safe and build connection with someone else.

Cennec is a simplified, hopefully, more universal way to express the word ‘Connect’. It is meant to represent the way in which we are all connected, like interconnected circles. In a fun and easy to say word!

At Cennec, we desire to create the safest, most inclusive, and holistic environment of any application that you have experienced before. Given we are brand new, great things do take time. And we ask that you help us get there. It is a requirement to be safe and smart while using this app and create this idealistic safety culture from the ground up. ALWAYS video chat before meeting up and ALWAYS meet up in public places until you strongly know or trust someone. Report any and all suspicious activity on the platform and those users will be removed.